Horizon’s Vision

Responsibly explore and develop a high value sustainable gold business.


Horizon’s Values

1. Passion – Be bold and pursue our vision with enthusiasm and conviction.
2. Agile – Be smart, act fast and take advantage of new and progressive methods, systems, and technology to improve and achieve.
3. Team – The people in our organisation contribute to our success and together we can achieve anything. We do what we say and deliver on our promises.
4. Wellbeing – Health and safety of our people, community, and stakeholders is critical to our success. Building constructive relationships, we will achieve positive outcomes for all.
5. Accountability – We are accountable to our people, community, and stakeholders. We will always act with the highest level of integrity and respect to sustainably grow our organisation.
6. Excellence – We take pride in our work and aim for the highest standards of performance, behaviour, and conduct.




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